Shipyard Spotlight: AMICO & CO Shipyard x Waterfront Marina

The Amico & Co Shipyard, a world leader in the field of super yacht repair and refit.

The overview

Amico & Co is a shipyard that specializes in large yacht refits and repairs on vessels from 30 to 140m LOA. Founded in 1991, it boasts a 90% international client base, working on an average of 110 projects every year, positioning the company amongst the world leaders in its field. The shipyard works in the Port of Genoa, and is able to receive large yachts without restrictions in length, dry-docking vessels of up to 102m in covered sheds inside the shipyard and using further suitable dry-docks in Genoa port for larger projects. The elements that characterize the shipyard are the high quality standards and the speed with which it can perform works, factors that have generated a consistent growth in the company’s reputation and an ever-increasing percentage of return business. 

The History

The Amico & Co Shipyard is rich in history. The Amico family has been building and refitting ships for over 200 years, with the business passing down through the generations. The Amico family shipyards date back to 1799, Master Matteo Amico established his yard in Loano. This yard was successful up until the end of the 19th century due to the introduction of steel and steam engines. In 1885, a descendent of Matteo named Michele Amico, launched a ship maintenance and servicing business in Genoa. Michele’s son Luigi joined the family business, this formed the basis of the company that continues to thrive today. From there, to this day Amico Shipyards continues to be a family business building bigger and better with each generation. 

Today, Amico & Co is a world leader in the field of super yacht repair and refit. Amico & Co has pursed an uninterrupted commitment to the highest industry standards, utilizing the expertise and passion that the Amico family prides themselves on. 

The Amico approach

The Amico & Co Shipyard believes, much like Worth Avenue Yachts, in the importance of building solid relationships. Amico’s strength lies in the ability to satisfy clients needs by combining their heritage and experience with modern, high quality facilities. Each refit project is assigned a Project Manager and a Project Assistant who are constantly available to advise the client on any of their concerns, often going above and beyond to make their clients feel seen and heard. 

Their approach has been shown to create relationships of mutual trust which, over the years, has led to an increasing level of confidence among owners, captains and managers that have worked with Amico Shipyards. They have a 90% client return rate showing they provide their clients with the best services they can. 

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